Unfortunately, I was not able to shop packing-free at a store that is part of EOB. What can I do?

What does “Einmal ohne, bitte” aim for?

Through what means does our initiative support package-free shopping?

How do these hygienic guidelines look like?

Besides avoiding trash – what other advantages do I have as a caterer or distributor?

Who is behind the initiative “Einmal ohne, bitte”?

What kind of container is recommended for waste free shopping or takeaway?

Is waste free shopping more expensive than conventional shopping?

Is there an overview of businesses that support waste free shopping or takeaway?

How do I shop waste free?

Are there extra costs for distributors and caterers that offer waste free shopping?

How can a shop or restaurant be a part of “Einmal ohne, bitte”?

How does shopping or takeaway work without creating waste?