Selling unpacked goods

You already offer unpacked shopping and would like to make it more visible to your customers? The will is there, but the implementation is not clear? Find out here how you can offer your products without disposable packaging - of course hygienically safe and in compliance with the rules.


  1. Receive information material and hygiene information for training employees in handling customer-specific containers
  2. Attach stickers to the counter and / or shop entrance
  3. Place stands, flyers and on the counter
  4. Talk about it - with customers in person, on social media, at company-internal meetings

"Einmal ohne, bitte" - a simple way to save packaging waste

  • Win new customers
  • Get access to training materials and hygiene information
  • Become visible - with your business and as an environmentally conscious manager
  • Become part of a growing nationwide network

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