About Us

"Einmal ohne, bitte" is a project of the Munich-based non-profit association rehab republic e.V.. The creative collective has been campaigning for a sustainable society since 2012 and promotes environmental awareness through interactive actions in public spaces. The label "Einmal ohne, bitte" aims to avoid packaging waste during shopping and takeaways. Stores and restaurants are made visible where customers can buy baked goods, cheese, sausages and other food without the product's own packaging.

Our vision

We, the team of "Einmal ohne, bitte", dream of a world without packaging waste.

A world...

...in which garbage-free shopping is the new normal.

... in which garbage collection has become boring, because in every big city and in every small town, at every supermarket around the corner, at every kebab stand and every pizza service, packaging-free shopping is possible.

...in which our "Einmal ohne, bitte" sticker has become superfluous.

...in which ecosystems and oceans are plastic-free and our nature is valued for what it really is: our basis of life.

Utopian and unrealistic? Perhaps. But that's why it's a vision. In any case, we believe in it - no: we are firmly convinced that change is possible. And in doing so, every time we shop with our own packaging contributes something to this change. #justdoit!


Our mission

  • With "Einmal ohne, bitte" we establish a Germany-wide label for unpackaged shopping
  • We mediate between society, politics and business.
  • We raise awareness of the packaging waste problem and offer concrete, quickly implementable solutions.
  • We start a Germany-wide movement and free zero waste shopping from prejudices. Everyone can join in.

Our Team


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